Due to Corona Pandemic we need to take precautions to keep you and us safe, but nevertheless have you enjoy your stay with us.

- if possible pay in advance by transfer

- wear a mask during check in and while getting the instructions for the apartment

- wear a mask during check out or any other interaction that requires us to face each other and interact




bees please

 Since summer 17 we are beekeepers. Three beehives are stored in the 2nd story balcony. We have two additional hives in the garden, please keep well away. You are welcome to watch from safe distance an to ask any questions. We hope we can answer.



  • adults: 3,30 €
  • disabled: 2,80 €
  • seminarguest / business: 1,65 €
  • under 18 jears : free

Kurtaxe or Fremdenverkehrsabgabe is a fee due in almost any city

Use the Eventcalender below to plan activities in your stay.

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