For Rentals by Holiday Wagnerhaus the following conditions apply. They govern the legal relationship between the customer and the holiday house Wagner. Conditions deviating from these terms and conditions
find the customer, even if known, not apply.

I. Statements lease for an apartment
1. By filling in the information fields and completing the booking process, the customer has the
Holiday Wagnerhaus binding the conclusion of a lease on an apartment
at. The offer can be in writing, orally, by telephone or via electronic media
(Internet) are submitted. The customer is also for all in the bid offering listed participants
and for its own commitments.
2. The holiday house Wagner reserves the acceptance of the offer. If the apartment
Wagner House to the customer in writing, by telephone, by e-mail (electronic mail) or in
otherwise confirming the booking, concluded between the customer and the apartment Wagnerhaus
a lease concluded on the requested with the booking Apartment.
3. The customer agrees that received by him confirmation back immediately for accuracy
to check the apartment Wagnerhaus possibly draw attention to errors or discrepancies.
An indication of errors or discrepancies, after expiry of a period of three days access
the confirmation is carried out, can not be considered. Belated notification of incorrect
or deviations entitle particular not to cancel the contract.

II. Payment
1. With the contract and after delivery of the invoice a fully payment is to be.
No show, the proportionate amount Conditions lt. Refundable.
2. Payment may be made dependent on the object by bank transfer. Debit or cash on the spot carried out.
The debit is possible only by a run with a credit institution in Germany account.
The detected in the registration template information like name. Address and, if necessary, credit card number,
Bank code, account number are encrypted by SSL technology. Here are the details entered
Lines into a code so that the data in transit on the Internet by unauthorized persons
can be read.

III. Cancellations, changes
1. Holiday House Wagner is committed to the rented apartment for the period booked
to provide. Otherwise it has the customer damages according to the legal
to make provisions. The apartment Wagner House is obliged to obtain non-provision of
Apartment to fully reimburse the customer's payments already made.
. 2 According to the legal provisions of the Civil Code (§ 537 BGB), the once
closed lease for the apartment by any Party dissolved unilaterally, so
be terminated. Completely independent of time or for reasons of cancellation is basically
no right to cancellation of a reservation. If the customer accepts the booked Apartment not claim,
he is legally bound to pay the price for the booked and held at Holiday.
The apartment Wagner house retains the extent the claim for performance, must, however, spared
blank expenditures. This credit can be confirmed by the Court, in
pauschalierter form are agreed with the customer. The customer is free here, the
saves demonstrate, that in fact higher than the flat-rate expenses
have been. In case of cancellation of rental by the customer thus apply the following
Cancellation policy:
2.1 In case of cancellation up to 8 weeks before the booked rental period is the payment made to the
Gesamtmietpreis refunded less a cancellation fee of 15% of the total price.
2.2 In case of cancellation between 8 weeks up to and including 30 days before the start of the booked rental period
the payment made to the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 25%
of the total price refunded.
2.3 In case of cancellation between 29 days up to and including 22 days before the start of the booked rental period
the payment made to the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 35% of
Total price refunded.
2.4 In case of cancellation is between 21 days up to and including 15 days before the start of the booked rental period
the payment made to the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 45% of
Total price refunded.
2.5 In case of cancellation between 14 days up to and including 7 days before the booked rental period is the
payment made to the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 65% of
Total price refunded.
2.6 In case of cancellation within 6 days before the start of the booked rental period is the payment made
refunded to the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 90% of the total price.
2.7 In case of cancellation on the arrival date or no show without cancellation, the payment made is on
the total rental price less a cancellation fee of 95% of the total price refunded.
To avoid significant financial losses is the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance
recommended. The above cancellation policy can be found in last-minute bookings
3. The transfer of an Apartment constant Tenancies and conditions to another
Tenant is in principle possible for a fee of € 15.00. provided, however, that in the
Person of the replacement tenant no facts that cause the holiday house Wagner, this
4. A transfer of the object Viermietungsleistung booked on other than the booked date
is possible as long for a fee of € 15.00 as the desired new date yet fully
is available, d. h. No further prospective for the new required dates exists. In this case
is possibly the difference to the possibly during this period to pay higher seasonal rental price by the tenant.
In the reverse case is a refund of possibly lower the rent in the new period
locked out.
5. A subsequent shortening of the duration of the rental power amounts to a partial cancellation, it
be valid

      in this case the cancellation policy in accordance with paragraph 2, with the proviso that the cancellation fee only on the
canceled rental performance (proration) are collected.
6. If an object due to force majeure (flood, fire, earthquake etc.) uninhabitable, so is the
Apartment Wagner House entitled the customer to at least an equivalent accommodation object
in order to book. Is the apartment Wagnerhaus this is not possible, it shall inform the customers
Complete payment made to the total rent. The customer may, however, by a transfer
the part of the Holiday House Wagner, on a superior object, any additional financial

IV. Check
The arrival must in principle take place from 16:00 and 18:00 local time. Can the journey to only
18:00 local time done, the customer is obligated to the Holiday House Wagner derogating
in time, but no later than prior to the scheduled arrival time.

V. departure
The Abreiszeit must be completed by 10:00. In debt delayed departure of the customer is the
Holiday Wagnerhaus liable to pay damages.

VI. House rule
The Customer undertakes to respect the house rules in the apartment. at
Infringement and / or e.g. reserves complaints ruhestörendem noise in rentals
the Holiday Wagnerhaus the right, after an unsuccessful warning the
to terminate lease and to claim damages.

VII. Liability
The apartment Wagnerhaus sticking out of the rental agreement in principle only for damage caused to the
Customers committed intentionally or with gross negligence as a result of the holiday house Wagner
Breach of duty arose. For typical contractual damages which the customer as a result of
the Holiday House Wagner perpetrated essential contractual breach of the rental agreement
arose, the Holiday House Wagner liable even if the apartment
Wagnerhaus only slight negligence. Incidentally, a liability for slight
Negligence excluded. An essential contractual obligation as defined above is a
those whose fulfillment is essential to the proper execution of the contract
and compliance with which the customer may trust regularly, especially the apartment
to provide and properly handle the lease.
The liability of the Holiday House Wagner slight negligence is limited to
the agreed rent the booked apartment, but in any case in a predictable
and typical damage is limited.
A statutory strict liability of the Holiday House Wagner remains
unaffected. The same applies if the damage due to the death or physical or
Health damage occurred. If the liability of the Holiday House Wagner
is excluded, this also applies to the personal liability of its employees, legal representative
and agents.

VIII. Data protection
The Holiday House Wagner collects personal information of the customer. These data
for the provision of mediation and for the completion and settlement of the lease on the
required by customers booked Holiday and for those purposes to the
applicable statutory provisions, in particular the Federal Data Protection Act process,
and used. A transfer of data is carried out, unless otherwise express
Consent is not present.

IX. General provisions
1. Should the above provisions be or become invalid, so keep the rest
Regulations nevertheless valid. The validity of the contract as a whole remains unaffected.
2. Any modifications and subsidiary agreements to these General Terms and
require the lease to be in written form. This also applies to this
Writing requirement itself.
3. These terms and conditions and the rental agreement covered only the
Law of the Federal Republic of Germany.

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